Week 2 was a slippery slope as, for the first time in forever, we had to cancel games because of unsafe floor conditions

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First some league notes...

  • Slippery When Wet (Greasy?): as mentioned in the headline, for the first time in a very long time, we as a league decided to cancel our last 4 games of the day as the first 3 games were a clear indication that the floor was too unsafe to play. From what we understand, there was some sort of food event in the gym the day before, and the cleaning staff did not mop/clean the floors afterwards, so there was some sort of grease or maybe kids' bubbles liquid or something like that in spots over about half of the gym. In our 1st game alone, there were at least 8 players who suddenly slipped and fell - some harder than others - so, during the 2nd game, we actually had to stop the game/clock and have the centre staff spray and mop the areas of concern...and while we thought it was somewhat better for the rest of that game and the 3rd game, people were still falling...and then in the first 3 minutes of the 4th game, about 6 more players wiped out - so the referee Brian Shortreed, game-day manager Craig Richer and league co-owner Cindy Bertrand decided it simply didn't make sense to risk our players' safety. We thank you all for your support and understanding - we apologize to those of you we didn't reach in time before you arrived at the centre - we did the best we could in this beyond rare situation. The 4 postponed games will be made up on November 13th with the games originally scheduled for that day moved to December 11th and the final week of playoffs moved to January 15th, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but it's the least impactful way to do it, the schedule has been updated to reflect these changes. The Centre have also assured me that the floor will be safe moving forward and more care will be put into cleaning up after events.

  • It's All About Image: I forgot to mention in the league notes last week that all 14 team images/logos are now posted on our site - you can see them in all their glory on either the Rosters or Team Stats pages under Regular Season...I hope you'll all get a good laugh out of them as I did in designing them.

  • Waiver: there are still about 50 of you who have not 'signed' your on-line waiver also found under Regular Season - please do so now, and while you're there confirming your contact info, keep in mind that many of us find it much easier/faster to contact you via text, so it really helps to include your cell # in your contact info

Now on to this week's 3-game action...

8:10 Heron's House vs Goulden Handshake (View Boxscore & Recap)

While Overhoff shined with a hat-trick for Heron's House, the Goulden ones were able to escape with a tie thanks mostly to their masked man Herb

The 1st game of the day featured two of our league's most veteran goaltenders - at least in career games played - as Peter Heron is #2 all-time (behind Brent Ferguson) with 272 games between the OFBHL pipes while his counterpart Herb Beagan is next on the illustrious list as he's donned the pads (and several different masks) for 229 games. And while in the end each netminder had 4 balls get by them, they combined to stop 76 shots in this fast-paced and hard-fought 4-4 draw between Heron's House and Goulden Handshake. Just over 3 minutes into this contest, there was a harbinger of things to come for newly-married speedy rearguard Pat Overhoff as he scored on a nice wrister with the help of rocket-launcher Spencer McDonald and Overhoff's lovely bride Andrea Farrell - or as she's also known by some at the school she teaches at..."Madame F-O". Just over 4 minutes later though, at the 12:12 mark, returning Goulden playmaker Mark Barrett bulged the twine off a sweet dish from his buddy and captain Jason Muscant. Fuelled by that goal, the Goulden gang sniped again less than 5 minutes later when the man they named the team after, veteran D-man Jack Gould, fed the ball to spare Don Prior who scored a beauty behind Heron. Then with 1:47 remaining until intermission, Don would tally again, this time with the aid of fellow spare Missy Newhook - making the score 3-1 for the Goulden ones even though they were slightly outshot 22-18 in the half - their masked man Herb was stealing the show.

Just under 3 minutes into the 2nd period though, Heron's squad snuck another by Herb when Spencer rifled home an unassisted marker to bring his team back to within a goal - that was Spencer's 150th career marker in this his 128th career game. And about 5 minutes after that, they knotted the game up when Overhoff tallied again with the helpers going to Spencer and long-time effective player Lynn Fournelle-Clare with her 200th career point (ties her for 15th all-time for girls with Isabelle Blondeau) in her 282nd game, 9th most all-time for females. It should be noted at this point that the greasy floor was definitely rearing its ugly head in this game as at least 8 players suddenly wiped out - none worse than Heron's star playmaking captain Steven Toste who thankfully was good enough to still play after his bad fall stopped the play - but he was clearly not his usual dangerous self for the rest of this game. So with him and others falling all over the place - and Heron and Herb exchanging many fine saves - no little balls tickled the twine for almost 10 minutes of play. Then, at the 3:23 mark, Goulden spare Don capped off his hat-trick after a great feed from underrated Melissa Blondeau - but exactly 1 minute after that, Heron's rearguard Overhoff tied the game once again as he completed his hat-trick with the help of his bed buddy Andrea and Lynn. Both teams had some glorious opportunities to break the deadlock, but Heron and Herb continued to make the saves to preserve their respective team's 1 point for the tie - Herb was especially busy as he ended up making 46 saves on the day, including stopping 27 of 28 shots in this 2nd half.

9:00 Adolescent Panthers vs Blood, Sweat & Beers (View Boxscore & Recap)

With no less than 6 spares of their 9 players, the Adolescent Panthers gave the strong Blood, Sweat & Beers a great game right to the final buzzer

With the leader of their pack, Sean Frewen, off frolicking in the Algonquin jungle, his gang of mostly spare Adolescent Panthers would be in tough against a pre-season favourite squad in Blood, Sweat & Beers. For varying valid reasons, no less than 6 of the Panthers were MIA for this contest, but with our spare system being as good as it is, they were still able to put up a good fight. In fact, it would be a spare Panther, Mel Blondeau, who would open the scoring just under 5 minutes in, on the power-play, with the help of fellow spare Andrew Stephens and one of only 3 'natural' Panthers, steady rearguard Stephanie Belanger with her 25th career assist. Almost 12 minutes of scoreless action would ensue, and also within that time, we had to stop the game/clock to have the centre staff spray and mop certain areas of the floor to try to stop our players from wiping out all over the place. While it seemed to help, somewhat, we weren't sure if it was because players were being extra cautious or if the mopping actually helped. Then with 3:33 left in the opening frame, the Beer lovers tied the game at 1-1 when sniper Ryan Hawkins lit the lamp with the help of his trusty linemate Mona Le Blanc and her good buddy and reliable rearguard Tina Ash.

Barely 2 minutes into the 2nd stanza, Hawkins would snipe yet again off a nice feed from Mona to give the Sweaty squad their first lead of the game. But just under 3 minutes after that, at the 15:15 mark, the pesky spare Panthers would knot this game up again when Brock Murray tickled the twine from in close with the assist going to fellow spare Jason Reid. The 2-2 tie wouldn't last long though as Mona would score a beauty goal - her 3rd point of the game - with the help of spare Jeff Murphy. With 12:34 still left to play, both teams were frantically looking to get the next goal - either the tying goal for the Panthers or the insurance marker for the Bloody bunch - but both masked men had other ideas. Sweaty spare tender Justin Labrecque and original Panther Greg Patterson were taking turns making many magnificent saves to keep the game at 3-2 even though a combined 54 shots were fired on their nets in this half alone. In fact, despite all those shots - almost equally splitting 84 in the game - and some great scoring chances, the final score would stay at 3-2 for the Blood, Sweat & Beers bunch.

9:50 Brock Lobster vs Anti-Social Media (View Boxscore & Recap)

With these two teams each having lovebirds as co-captains - it was Mr. Captain Andrew standing out for his team while Mrs. Captain Ivey had one of her best games ever for hers

For what surprisingly turned out to be the last game of the day, we had ourselves a scoring extravaganza - even though more players were wiping out all over the floor. The first almost 6 minutes of play of this eventual goal-fest actually saw no goals as both teams were not only feeling eachother out, but also testing the waters on the slippery floor. At one point in this game, Anti-Social captain Mark Yeates and Lobster's sniper Danielle Leroux suddenly and simultaneously fell to the floor even though there was nobody within an arm's reach of either of them - they were co-victims of the nasty floor. Then at the 14:14 mark, said captain Yeates used his immense size to leap up in the air ala Michael Jordan and intercept a pass, then proceeded to place the ball on the ground and fire off a shot, all in one motion, that mashed the mesh. And the big rearguard wasn't done there as he picked up a loose ball in his own zone, outletted to his playmaker Don 'Juan' Prior who, in turn, fed a sweet pass to feisty Ivey MacKenzie-Yeates stationed in her office from where she hammered the ball home. Then about 3 minutes after that, at the 4:21 mark, the Anti-Socilalites went up 3-0 and it was almost a carbon-copy goal - captain Yeates, to sniper Don, to goal-machine Ivey, to the back of the net. Ivey making magic with her male mates, Don 'Juan' and her hubby Yeates, shouldn't come as much of a surprise as they were also a successful threesome a year ago when their Shots & Giggles followed a 9-1-2 regular season by claiming the Bubba Cup. But exactly 1 minute after that goal, the Lobster's star captain Andrew Stephens gave his team a huge lift with 2 straight goals before intermission. Ironically, his 2 markers were also almost carbon-copies of each other as his quasi sister-in-law Faith Murray passed up to Danielle who set up Andrew for the two huge tallies - making the score 3-2 for ASM who also outshot the Brocksters 19-14 in the opening half.

The 2nd half, however, was a different story for ASM on the scoreboard and especially the shot clock where they were dominated. Exactly 4 minutes in, the Lobsters tied things up when our league's all-time top female point-getter Kelly Brant scored on a mad scramble with the help of captain Andrew and freshman rearguard Shawn McClenaghan with his 1st career point in this his 1st game. Less than 2 minutes later though, ASM jumped back into the lead when Don bulged the twine with captain Yeates again picking up the assist - and about 5 minutes after that, Don tallied again off passes from Ivey (her 3rd point) and spare Andrea 'Madame F-O' Farrell/Overhoff. But ASM was somewhat lucky to be up 5-3 at this juncture as they were being badly outplayed and outshot by the speedy Lobsters - luckily for ASM, veteran goalie Andrew Godin was doing a great job keeping his troops in this game. But with 6:55 left to play, Brock's captain and D-man Andrew beat Godin, capping off his hat-trick with the help of his wannabe brother-in-law Brock 'Lobster' Murray (whose body looks an awful lot like Will Ferrell's) and Danielle. Now down by just 1 goal at 5-4 in the final few minutes of the game, the Lobsters really poured it on - adding to their already lopsided shot advantage in this half (21-11) - and finally, after Godin made a couple more big saves, they completed their 2nd big comeback in this contest when veteran rearguard Jason Reid lit the lamp with the aid of Danielle's 4th assist of the game. With 2:22 still remaining, both teams tried hard to score the late go-ahead marker, but it wasn't meant to be as the game ends in a hard-fought 5-5 draw.

Original Four Stars Of The Week

  1. Don Prior, Ivey MacKenzie-Yeates & Mark Yeates - not only was the veteran playmaker Don the straw that stirred the drink with 2 goals and 2 assists in his Anti-Social Media's 5-5 tie...but he also tallied a hat-trick sparing for Goulden Handshake in their 4-4 draw...while the lovebirds Ivey (2G-1A) and Yeates (1G-3A) showed they again have great chemistry in their comfy threesome with Don 'Juan' like they did two seasons ago when their Shots & Giggles won the Bubba Cup

  2. Andrew Stephens & Danielle Leroux - captain Andrew notched a hat-trick and chipped in 1 helper, while Danielle provided 4 nice assists, in their Brock Lobster's 5-5 tie.

  3. Herb Beagan - although rare to have a goalie as a star when he lets in 4 goals, Herb made 46 saves (92%) - many of the grand larceny variety - to help his Goulden Handshake squad manage to end in a 4-4 tie even though they were outshot 50-32, including 28-14 in the frantic 2nd half when Herb only allowed 1 goal

  4. Pat Overhoff & Spencer McDonald - the Heron's House linemates combined for 4 goals and 2 assists, with rearguard Overhoff getting a rare hat-trick and Spencer adding 1 goal and 2 assists, in their 4-4 tie.

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