Week 2 proves to be a slippery slope for some Originals

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A big thank you to each of you for your patience and care dealing with the floor again last Sunday, especially to the 4 teams who had to miss their game. The City staff have told me they're blaming the issue on the combination of the new wax and the humidity and moisture. They've sealed the floor and will provide us a special dry mop which we can use on the whole floor or the bad areas every game or two, pay attention to the surface during your game and let the ref or Craig know if you feel there are bad spots that should be addressed. We will take the City at their word and see how it goes in the next few weeks and re-address after that if needed.

The 2 missed games will be rescheduled likely in October, I'm just working with the City to figure out the best dates / times for this so we should have an answer by next week.

The games that were played had some great action, with the first being a bit of a blowout before 3 straight one goal games followed by a tie before we had to shut things down for the day!


8:10 - High Maintenance 7 French Toste 3

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HM ride Barrett/Muscant duo to bounce back win over Toasters

Sniper Mark Barrett nets a hat-trick and chips in 1 helper, his BFF and captain Jason Muscant gets 2g-2a, and star rearguard Stephanie Brunette D'Souza adds 3 assists as their High Maintenance score a 7-3 victory over French Toste who got 1g-1a from Steven Toste.

9:00 - Legally Blondeau 3 Incredibulls 2

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Lalonde edges out Beagan on a "legal" technicality in this great goalie duel

Playmaker Alex Brunette-D'Souza gets the game-winner plus 2 assists while her veteran star netminder Marc-André Lalonde lets in 1 less goal than his star counterpart Herb Beagan as Legally Blondeau hang on to edge the Incedibulls 3-2.

9:50 - Final Countdown 6 Murica, F&ck Ya!!! 5

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Final Countdown move to 2-0 in snipe show

In a goal-fest, magic man Jeff Squires amasses 3g-1a, veterans Lynn Fournelle and Josianne Garneau each pick up 3 assists, and sniper Jeff Murphy nets 2 goals as their Final Countdown hold on for a narrow 6-5 win over Murica F&ck Ya.

Fireballer Bradley McCarter got 2g-1a and offensive catalyst Kelly Brant got 3 assists in the tough loss.

10:40 - Over Medicated 4 Litt the Lamp 3

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Return of Ballem for LtL not enough as the Medicated crew win their first

Smiling spare Bruce Boivin scores the late game-winner while two-way star Mona Le Blanc snipes 2 goals and sneaky good Jonathan Malloy gets 1g-1a as Over Medicated get a slight 4-3 win over Litt The Lamp who got 2g-1a from their offensive guru Dan Ballem.

11:30 - Big Bag of Nasty 3 MC's Hammers 3

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Both teams are 2 Legit 2 Quit as MCH and BBON tie one on

In a hard-fought 3-3 tie, MC's Hammers' ultimate hustler Teela Boivin scored the late game-tying goal and added 1 assist and her adoring hubby Bruce Boivin also got 1g-1a...while captain Shawn Weatherdon and Adam Barrett each netted 1 goal for Big Bag of Nasty.



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