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(Note that if your team competed in the "A" pool please vote for the player who you think should be the "A" pool MVP. If your team competed in the "B" pool, please vote for a "B" pool MVP.)

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(vote for the player who performed the best in their first season of competition in the OFBHL)

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(vote for the team captain who is judged to do the best job organizing their team and ensuring you enjoy your experience in the league)

Hall of Fame

The OFBHL has several "Hall of Fame" awards to be voted on below, a person can only receive these awards once in their OFBHL career and their name will live on in fame (or infamy)!

Andrew Argyle Memorial Most Sportsmanlike Player
In memory of a cherished member of the league who was lost far too soon, this award will be given every season to a player who goes above and beyond in the pursuit of sportsmanship. Like the award's namesake it will be given to somebody who puts more value on sportsmanship and fair play than the actual results of the game itself!

Boodie Daher Award for the OFBHL's Most Valuable Person
(Vote for somebody who you feell puts an extra effort into making the OFBHL a great place to play, a player who has made an impact on you by making the league more enjoyable to be in.)

PITA (Pain In The Ass) Award:
(The nice way of putting this is that it is awarded to the player who you least like to play against but would most like to have on your team, in not so nice terms it's that player who just drives you crazy on the floor and won't leave you alone!)

Comments or Suggestions:
(this is your chance to anonymously let us know what you think of the league and anything related to it)




Recent Results

September 16
French Toste3HM7
MFY5Final Countdown6
Litt the Lamp3Over Medicated4
BBoN3MC's Hammers3
Mystery Machine0Frew Fighters0
Full Tilt0Mitch's Bitches0

Upcoming Schedule

September 23
8:10BBoN vs Mitch's Bitches
9:00Frew Fighters vs HM
9:50Litt the Lamp vs Incredibulls
10:40Full Tilt vs French Toste
11:30LB vs Mystery Machine
12:20Final Countdown vs MC's Hammers
1:10Over Medicated vs MFY