Waiver Form


Waiver Form

I understand that the posibility of injury exists while participating in a sporting activity due to the nature of that activity. The Original Four Ball Hockey League does attempt to minimize the occurrence of injuries and advises players to wear proper protective equipment. In consideration of this I do voluntarily waive and release my to right to claim or damages I may have against the Original Four Ball Hockey League and it's organizers Sean Frewen and Cindy Bertrand for any and all injuries, accidents or mishaps however occasioned.

I, the undersigned, fully understand the information above, have read and agree to the rules of the league and understand the risks involved in the activity and believe that I am fit to take part.




Recent Results

February 16
Big Bang Theory3Whotown Forever5
Zack Attack5MDC1
BP4Lube Jobs6
Sunday Cruisers1HTB4

Upcoming Schedule

February 23
8:10Sunday Cruisers vs Wannabes
9:00HTB vs Hustlers
9:50Zack Attack vs NOOTB
10:40BatB vs BP
11:30MDC vs Big Bang Theory
12:20Lube Jobs vs Rogo
1:10Whotown Forever vs IRWT
2:00BSB vs PotI