November 11, 2018 8:10 - Murica, F&ck Ya!!! vs Mystery Machine

Game Notes

Season Notes:
Eric Bekkers scored his 10th goal of the season.
Eric Bekkers recorded his 20th point of the season.
Bradley McCarter scored his 20th goal of the season.
Bradley McCarter recorded his 25th point of the season.

Career Notes:
Nevill Carney recorded his first career OFBHL game-winning goal.


Team 1 2 Total
Murica, F&ck Ya!!!448
Mystery Machine066

Murica, F&ck Ya!!! - B. McCarter (3), N. Carney (3), Spare (2)
Mystery Machine - E. Bekkers (5), Spare


Shots on Goal
Team 1 2 Total
Murica, F&ck Ya!!!161228
Mystery Machine232144


3 Stars of the Game
  Player Stats
Bradley McCarter 3 Goals 2 Assists
Eric Bekkers 5 Goals
Nevill Carney 3 Goals GWG


Game Summary
Period Time Team Goal Details Score Note
116:46MFYB. McCarter (19) from Spare1-0 MFY 
111:11MFYB. McCarter (20) from Spare2-0 MFY 
15:00MFYB. McCarter (21) from Spare3-0 MFY 
11:21MFYN. Carney (6) (unassisted)4-0 MFY 
217:56MME. Bekkers (10) from Spare4-1 MFY 
216:56MME. Bekkers (11) (unassisted)4-2 MFY 
215:48MME. Bekkers (12) from K. Brant (9) 4-3 MFY 
215:15MFYSpare from B. McCarter (3) 5-3 MFY 
212:00MME. Bekkers (13) (unassisted)5-4 MFY 
28:57MMSpare (unassisted)5-5 
27:54MFYN. Carney (7) from L. Viau (2) and D. McManus (8) 6-5 MFY 
24:44MFYN. Carney (8) from L. Patterson (3) and L. Viau (3) 7-5 MFY GWG
20:51MME. Bekkers (14) (unassisted)7-6 MFY 
20:01MFYSpare from B. McCarter (4) and S. Weber (1) 8-6 MFY ENG
Period Time Team Penalty Details


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