February 16, 2020 11:30 - In Russ We Trust vs Wannabes

Game Recap:

Star playmaker JoJo really Wannabe a winner as she nets the GWG and protects her cage from Trusty attacks

Down 4-2 with just over 7 minutes left to play, the winless Wannabes seemed to draw some energy from their always-positive and dancing captain Faith Murray as they scored 3 unanswered goals to end the game. The comeback was capped off by a nice late eventual game-winner by star playmaker Josianne Garneau 🚨, assisted by her hubby JF Labelle 🍏 and her brother Jean-Luc Garneau 🍏, as the Wannabes hold on to beat In Russ We Trust 5-4.

Known for her masterful offensive skills, Josianne also stood out for her strong defensive plays especially in the dying moments of the game when she was throwing her body all over the floor to desperately try to block shots to help protect her team's 1st victory of the season.

Bradley McCarter 🚨🚨, Richard Tattrie 🚨🍏, Renee Emby 🚨🍏, and rookie Aurelie Bernier 🍏🍏 each picked up 2 points for the Spicy winners, while on the other side, sniper Michelle Heggison 🚨🚨 netted 2 goals and rearguard Sara Bruce 🚨🍏 had 1g-1a.


Game Notes

Season Notes:
Sean Malloy recorded his 5th assist of the season.
Sean Malloy recorded his 10th point of the season.
Michelle Heggison recorded her 5th point of the season.
Jonathan Malloy recorded his 5th point of the season.
Richard Tattrie recorded his 5th assist of the season.
Bradley McCarter scored his 10th goal of the season.
Renee Emby recorded her 10th point of the season.

Career Notes:
Russell Latham played his 50th career OFBHL game.


Team 1 2 Total
In Russ We Trust224

In Russ We Trust - M. Heggison (2), S. Bruce, Spare
Wannabes - B. McCarter (2), R. Emby, R. Tattrie, J. Garneau


Shots on Goal
Team 1 2 Total
In Russ We Trust142438


3 Stars of the Game
  Player Stats
Josianne Garneau 1 Goal GWG
Michelle Heggison 2 Goals
Bradley McCarter 2 Goals


Game Summary
Period Time Team Goal Details Score Note
115:04WBER. Emby (3) from R. Tattrie (5) 1-0 WBE PPG
18:45IRWTM. Heggison (2) from Spare and S. Bruce (1) 1-1 
13:49IRWTS. Bruce (1) (unassisted)2-1 IRWT 
217:21WBEB. McCarter (10) from R. Emby (7) and A. Bernier (3) 2-2 
214:45IRWTSpare from S. Malloy (5) and T. Di Virgilio (3) 3-2 IRWT 
211:42IRWTM. Heggison (3) from J. Malloy (3) 4-2 IRWT 
27:03WBEB. McCarter (11) from A. Bernier (4) 4-3 IRWT 
26:12WBER. Tattrie (4) (unassisted)4-4 
24:17WBEJ. Garneau (2) from J. Labelle (1) and J. Garneau (1) 5-4 WBE GWG
Period Time Team Penalty Details
116:49IRWTSpare: 2 minutes, high sticking
12:45IRWTSpare: 2 minutes, interference
21:00IRWTSpare: 2 minutes, tripping
20:24WBEJ. Garneau: 2 minutes, high sticking
210:29IRWTT. Di Virgilio: 2 minutes, tripping


In Russ We Trust Stats
Michelle Heggison2020000
Sara Bruce1120000
Tanya Di Virgilio0110002
Sean Malloy0110000
Jonathan Malloy0110000
Patrick Auger0000000
Russell Latham015370.865


Wannabes Stats
Bradley McCarter2020000
Renee Emby1121000
Richard Tattrie1120000
Aurelie Bernier0220000
Josianne Garneau1010010
Jean-Luc Garneau0110002
Jean-Francois Labelle0110000
Faith Murray0000000
Ryan Hawkins104380.895

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