September 17, 2023 12:20 - Amanda Hugginkiss vs Hocus Pocus

Game Recap:

Game finishes with 3 goals in the final 2 minutes, and heartbreak for the Amandas

Game 6 had a little healthy sibling rivalry as Brock Murray's Hocus Pocus faced off versus Amanda Stephens' Amanda Hugginkiss in a game with a lot of veterans but also some new faces who would make an impact in this one. With lots of scoring talent on both squads it was somewhat surprisingly the goaltenders who completely stole the show in the first period as veteran MC Chartrand and rookie Andrew Riff combined for 34 saves on 34 shots against.
HP would get a PP chance early in period 2 thanks to renowned goon Faith Murray ending up in the box, their rookies would go to work and score a fully freshman (and freshwoman) PPG with Kristen Couture 🚨🍏 scoring assisted by Hannah Macdonnell 🚨🚨🍏 and Sam Parsonson 🍏🍏🍏. That goal would open the floodgates of offence in this game, captain Brock Murray 🚨🍏🍏 and Macdonell would score soon after less than a minute apart to give HP a big 3-0 lead. But the offence was far from over in this half, AH would pull within one thanks to sniper Bradley McCarter 🚨🍏🍏🍏 but would once again trail by multiple goals soon after as HP led 4-2 with 5 minutes to play. With time almost gone in the game AH looked to their veterans to bring them back, and sniper Mona Le Blanc 🚨🚨🍏 answered the call, Mona would score with 100 seconds remaining and then with just 36 seconds on the clock she would snipe again to tie this game up at 4-4. With that remarkable comeback AH had seemingly snatched a point in unlikely fashion, but it wasn't to be... with just 8 seconds left in the game Macdonnell would score her 2nd of the game to break AH hearts and give HP a 5-4 win.


Game Notes

Season Notes:
Bradley McCarter recorded his 5th point of the season.
Sam Parsonson recorded his 5th assist of the season.
Sam Parsonson recorded his 5th point of the season.
Brock Murray recorded his 5th assist of the season.
Brock Murray recorded his 5th point of the season.

Career Notes:
Andrew Riff recorded his first career OFBHL loss.
Mona Le Blanc scored her 250th career OFBHL goal.
Kristen Couture scored her first career OFBHL goal.
Kristen Couture recorded her first career OFBHL assist.
Kristen Couture recorded her first career OFBHL point.
Kristen Couture recorded her first career OFBHL powerplay goal.
Brock Murray recorded his 175th career OFBHL assist.
Hannah Macdonnell recorded her first career OFBHL game-winning goal.


Team 1 2 Total
Amanda Hugginkiss044
Hocus Pocus055

Amanda Hugginkiss - M. Le Blanc (2), Spare, B. McCarter
Hocus Pocus - H. Macdonnell (2), B. Murray, S. Weber, K. Couture


Shots on Goal
Team 1 2 Total
Amanda Hugginkiss181331
Hocus Pocus162238


3 Stars of the Game
  Player Stats
Hannah Macdonnell 2 Goals 1 Assist GWG
Bradley McCarter 1 Goal 3 Assists
Mona Le Blanc 2 Goals 1 Assist


Game Summary
Period Time Team Goal Details Score Note
218:22HPK. Couture (1) from S. Parsonson (3) and H. Macdonnell (1) 1-0 HP PPG
215:58HPB. Murray (1) from S. Weber (1) and D. Cahoon (1) 2-0 HP SHG
215:00HPH. Macdonnell (2) from D. Cahoon (2) and S. Parsonson (4) 3-0 HP 
213:09AHB. McCarter (2) from C. Muscant (2) 3-1 HP 
26:46AHSpare from M. Le Blanc (1) and B. McCarter (2) 3-2 HP 
25:04HPS. Weber (1) from B. Murray (5) and S. Parsonson (5) 4-2 HP 
21:46AHM. Le Blanc (2) from B. McCarter (3) and Spare4-3 HP 
20:33AHM. Le Blanc (3) from B. McCarter (4) and J. Muscant (1) 4-4 
20:08HPH. Macdonnell (3) from B. Murray (6) and K. Couture (1) 5-4 HP GWG
Period Time Team Penalty Details
217:23HPF. Murray: 2 minutes, slashing
220:00AHSpare: 2 minutes, holding


Amanda Hugginkiss Stats
Bradley McCarter1340000
Mona Le Blanc2130000
Jason Muscant0110000
Corey Muscant0110000
Amanda Stephens0000000
Amanda Tompkins0000000
Andrew Riff015380.868


Hocus Pocus Stats
Hannah Macdonnell2130010
Brock Murray1230100
Sam Parsonson0330000
Kristen Couture1121000
Sophia Weber1120000
Dale Cahoon0220000
Faith Murray0000002
MC Chartrand104310.871

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