October 22, 2023 12:20 - Call Me Daddy vs Amanda Hugginkiss

Game Recap:

Our 12:20 matchup featured some big shooters on each side as Amanda Hugginkiss took on Call Me Daddy in a battle of 2 of the hardest shots in the O4 with AH's Brad McCarter and CMD's Richard Tattrie taking turns blasting balls at the keepers. The first period of this game became what is known as a "Goalie's Nightmare" as both teams were taking bombs from all over the floor and very little defence was being played, in fact the teams even split 50 total shots on goal in theframe, and also evenly split 8 goals in a 4-4 tie.
The tenders heads were likely spinning after that start but both Patrick Gaudreau and Andrew Riff did a great job of settling down and both took over the 2nd period. CMD's Renee Emby 🚨 would give her team a lead finishing a great feed from Richard Tattrie 🎩🎩🎩🍏 to go along with his first half hatty. However the other boomer Bradley McCarter 🎩🎩🎩🍏 would complete a trick of his own with 8 minutes to play and the score was locked up once again. With just over 5 minutes to play energetic Dale Carlson 🚨🚨 fresh off an Australian vacation would beat the jet lag and the goaltender for what would turn out to be the GWG for Amanda Hugginskiss in a great contest


Game Notes

Season Notes:
Alexandra Robinson recorded her 5th assist of the season.
Alexandra Robinson recorded her 5th point of the season.
Richard Tattrie scored his 10th goal of the season.
Renee Emby recorded her 5th point of the season.
Bradley McCarter scored his 10th goal of the season.
Jason Muscant recorded his 10th point of the season.
Dale Carlson scored his 5th goal of the season.

Career Notes:
Alexandra Robinson recorded her first career OFBHL penalty.
Dale Carlson scored his 75th career OFBHL goal.


Team 1 2 Total
Call Me Daddy415
Amanda Hugginkiss426

Call Me Daddy - R. Tattrie (3), A. Rogozynski, R. Emby
Amanda Hugginkiss - B. McCarter (3), D. Carlson (2), M. Le Blanc


Shots on Goal
Team 1 2 Total
Call Me Daddy252247
Amanda Hugginkiss252550


3 Stars of the Game
  Player Stats
Bradley McCarter 3 Goals 1 Assist
Richard Tattrie 3 Goals 1 Assist
Dale Carlson 2 Goals GWG


Game Summary
Period Time Team Goal Details Score Note
116:38AHB. McCarter (10) from J. Muscant (7) and A. Stephens (6) 1-0 AH 
112:39AHM. Le Blanc (6) from A. Stephens (7) and B. McCarter (7) 2-0 AH PPG
111:11CMDR. Tattrie (9) from M. Newhook (4) 2-1 AH 
110:48CMDA. Rogozynski (1) from A. Robinson (5) 2-2 
19:34AHD. Carlson (4) from C. Muscant (6) 3-2 AH 
18:04CMDR. Tattrie (10) from Spare and P. Gaudreau (1) 3-3 
16:09CMDR. Tattrie (11) from P. Gaudreau (2) 4-3 CMD 
13:08AHB. McCarter (11) from A. Riff (3) 4-4 
213:34CMDR. Emby (2) from Spare and R. Tattrie (8) 5-4 CMD 
28:00AHB. McCarter (12) from J. Muscant (8) and Spare5-5 
25:43AHD. Carlson (5) from M. Le Blanc (3) and C. Muscant (7) 6-5 AH GWG
Period Time Team Penalty Details
114:00CMDA. Robinson: 2 minutes, tripping


Call Me Daddy Stats
Richard Tattrie3140000
Renee Emby1010000
Alex Rogozynski1010000
Melissa Newhook0110000
Alexandra Robinson0110002
Steve Andrews0000000
Patrick Gaudreau016500.880


Amanda Hugginkiss Stats
Bradley McCarter3140000
Dale Carlson2020010
Mona Le Blanc1121000
Jason Muscant0220000
Corey Muscant0220000
Amanda Stephens0220000
Andrew Riff105470.894

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