1Shooter Club127230175338154224061612
2Dad Jokes12723017523913429475-468
3Nipples of Steel127320164830184753908514
4Les Incompetents127320165234184743711038
5Goulden Years1274101542411379417-380
6Austin Powered12741015614021471403686
7No ReGretzkys1263301547407410427-172
8Doddy Style126600125161-10410481-718
B Pool
9The Reach Arounds1266001257525461432294
10Serenity Now!12471095467-13442464-228
11Top Heavy12471094549-4435414216
12Douche Canoes12372084061-21427469-428
13Big Bad Garneau12291052946-17399486-8712
14Top Shelf121110023669-3341641518

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Teams ranked by:

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  • Wins
  • Head to Head
  • Goals Against
  • Goals For

After the regular season, the top 8 teams will compete in the A division for the Bubba Cup and the bottom 6 teams will compete in the B division for the Mini-Bubba.


Recent Results

December 1
Top Heavy4Austin Powered7
Top Shelf1LI7
Goulden Years4Douche Canoes3
Dad Jokes4No ReGretzkys4
Doddy Style3Shooter Club4
Serenity Now!4RA7
Big Bad Garneau2NoS3

Upcoming Schedule

December 8
8:10Douche Canoes vs Top Heavy
9:00Goulden Years vs LI
9:50Austin Powered vs NoS
10:40Doddy Style vs Shooter Club
11:30No ReGretzkys vs Dad Jokes
12:20Big Bad Garneau vs Serenity Now!
1:10Top Shelf vs RA