1MC's Hammers9234082731-4351315362
2Big Bag of Nasty9423011382117302336-3416
3French Toste9243072133-123573164120
4Frew Fighters952201229272262361-990
5Final Countdown9621013432815380339416
7High Maintenance9351073138-7297340-4310
8Over Medicated9171032042-2232231574
B Pool
9Mitch's Bitches9900018432221340271696
10Full Tilt963001236288315317-24
11Litt the Lamp945008313013042792510
12Mystery Machine94500838353320268522
13Legally Blondeau9360061927-8316352-366
14Murica, F&ck Ya!!!9360064551-632231390

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  • Head to Head
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After the regular season, the top 8 teams will compete in the A division for the Bubba Cup and the bottom 6 teams will compete in the B division for the Mini-Bubba.


Recent Results

November 11
MFY8Mystery Machine6
Incredibulls3Mitch's Bitches6
MC's Hammers4Litt the Lamp2
LB2Full Tilt3
French Toste3Final Countdown2
Frew Fighters0BBoN7
Over Medicated4HM5

Upcoming Schedule

November 18
8:10Full Tilt vs Litt the Lamp
9:00BBoN vs LB
9:50Frew Fighters vs Mitch's Bitches
10:40Mystery Machine vs MC's Hammers
11:30French Toste vs Over Medicated
12:20HM vs MFY
1:10Final Countdown vs Incredibulls