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Well it truly sucks that we aren't able to properly finish the current OFBHL season thanks to COVID-19, but I thought I'd have some fun and predict the outcome of the remaining 4 weeks of the schedule... posted below are the final standings, check back in a few days for first round playoff "results" followed by the semifinals and finally who "wins" the Bubbas... hope this brings a little fun to your isolation, fuck COVID and I can't wait to get back on the floor eventually!

The Cellar Dweller Tier

16th place - Big Bang Theory
A tough start to the season and a slow offensive start from perennial O4 leading scorer Michel Blondeau doomed this squad to the bottom of the standings, Michel would regain form over the final 4 weeks with matching his first 8 weeks output with 13 points but it wouldn't be enough to move his team up out of last place.

15th place - Brock Street Boys
After just a single win in the first half of the season BSB had started to turn it around in the season's second half started by a massive upset W over the upper echelon Zack Attack, unfortunately for Brock's boys and girls the schedule maker was not kind to this team as they finished with closes losses to the powerhouse Lube Jobs and BATB before an epic last minute win in a sibling battle with Bamanda's Pandas to stay out of last place.

14th place - Wannabes
What a bizarre start to the season this team had led by their happy-go-lucky skipper Faith, sure wins turned into ties and losses while they really struggled to keep the ball out of their own net, those trends would continue to the end of the season, despite finishing top 5 in goals scored WB would be able to add only 2 more ties to their final record.

The too much Jekyll and not enough Hyde Tier

13th place - Sunday Cruisers
Ironically finishing just above the Wannabes is this polar opposite team, the Cruisers were great defensively and boasted one of the top goaltenders overall in entire league but they struggled historically to light the lamp, their average of 1.75 goals per game was a full half goal per game lower than the next lowest scoring team in O4 history, they would improve on that total somewhat to close the season and manage to break the 20 goals scored barrier in the final week, but not enough to move our of the bottom tier.

12th place - New Office on the Block
This team started the season off looking like a true contender, with 3 wins in their first 4 games it looked like NOOTB were A pool bound, unfortunately that's where it started to fall apart, injuries, absences and puck luck took a quick turn and over their next 4 games this team would notch just a single point being outscored 28-10 in the process. The final 4 weeks would see things turn around somewhat as better health and cohesion would right the ship, unfortunately it wasn't enough to move out of the B pool tier.

11th place - Bamanda's Pandas
Our 3rd entry in the Jekyll and Hyde Tier is another squad that you had no idea what you would get when you tuned in each Sunday, they put up a 2-1-1 start to the season including some impressive wins before dropping 4 straight to fall to the bottom of the standings, after a big win over Andrew Stephens' Rogo in week 9 BP would be another team to fall victim to a tough closing schedule dropping games to top seeded Zack Attack and Hustlers to clinch their B pool fate.

The "On the Bubble" Tier

10th place - Wake Me Up Before You Rogo
Following a 2-4-2 start, Rogo captain Andrew Stephens' squad was behind the 8-ball to make the A pool thanks mostly to their struggle to score goals, they would take a run at the top 8 but fall short the blame would fall on their inability to take points from the upper echelon teams early in the season and some late season ties with fellow B and bubble teams like POTI, SC as well as a tough last second tie vs Big Bang Theory in a week 11 upset.

9th place - Whotown Forever
Coming into the season with low expectations the Whotown crew shot out of the gates with a great start and were shockingly effective scoring goals while playing extremely high event hockey, they had their goalie Toste to thank for those early wins as he was left alone a lot, a mid-season lull would follow and highlight this team's struggles scoring against the top tier goalies in the league, despite flirting with the A pool season ending matchups with goalies Portelance and Yeates would put the team in a must win scenario in week 12, with everything on the line high-sticking penalties would be their undoing as they take 3 in the second half of the deciding game against Rogo and lose a heartbreaker to fall into the B pool.

8th place - In Russ We Trust
This team truly embodied their name, with a tough early season schedule and their namesake Mr. Latham maybe showing a bit of rust in his game the team struggled, however the team tightened things up, found some chemistry and Russ started to show why he should be trusted. After a tight week 9 loss versus the powerhouse Hustlers IRWT would rip off 2 straight wins and clinch an A pool spot thanks to a tie in their season finale, the always epic Latham vs Portelance duel in a huge game for both squads.

7th place - Modern Day Cowboys
This team could easily have been placed in the lower "Jekyll and Hyde" tier but thankfully as the season progressed Hyde showed up a lot more, and by Hyde I'm referring to Mr. Bekkers. After a very slow start to the season offensively scoring star Eric Bekkers was just finding his stride in the second half of the season the sniper would lead MDC to 3 wins in their last 4 games including a 4 goal outburst in a season closing win over the Wannabes to clinch the A.

The Championship Contender Tier

6th place - Puck of the Irish
After starting the season with just 1 tie in their first 4 games, other top O4 teams were getting excited not to have to face 3 time defending champ Clow and Portelance in the A pool playoffs, unfortunately for those squads POTI would rip off an 8 game undefeated stretch to finish the season in a prime position to cause some damage in the A pool playoffs.

5th place - Hit the Brecques
HTB were a remarkably consistent team to start the season, they were strong on both ends of the floor and boasted a top tier goaltender when things went wrong, unfortunately lopsided losses to the Hustlers and BatB in the middle of the season left this squad just on the outside of the true top tier of teams heading into the playoffs.

4th place - Zack Attack
This team opened the season on a run for the ages going undefeated in their first 6 games including a week 1 tie versus the cream of the crop Hustlers, maybe the team got complacent, maybe the luck started to turn or more likely a few early games took a toll on some of the more night owl members of this team but 2 straight upset losses in weeks 7 and 8 would end the streak and put some doubt into the team. With 1st place now out of reach but an A pool spot virtually confirmed, ZA would refocus and finish the season with some better overall play to ready themselves for what they hope is a long playoff run.

3rd place - Bald and the Beautiful
This team proves that the margin is really tight if a team wants to challenge for first place overall, with a great, balanced roster and some high end scoring talent in snipers Ballem and Nash this team seemed in tough to ever lose a game, but a couple of early season ties versus bubble teams and the absence of one of their snipers for several weeks would drop this squad out of the true top echelon of the league, not to worry though, 3rd place is nothing to sneeze at and with a full lineup for the playoffs their chances are as good as any!

The Cream of the Crop Tier

I'll lump these two teams together as the Lube Jobs and Hustlers had separated themselves from the pack over the first 8 weeks of the season and were picking up steam heading down the stretch and wouldn't lose again heading into the final week of the season, in an amazing twist of fate the teams would face off in a week 12 matchup to decide top spot in the Spring 2020 regular season. That game would be a classic back and forth affair with the league's leading scorers Toste and Squires battling it out for the scoring title and first place, Toste would walk away with the scoring lead picking up 4 more points in the game but a late Devin McManus squeaker would seal the deal giving the Lube Jobs a 5-4 win a tie in standings with the Hustlers, after the head to head tiebreaker LJ would finish first overall and face the "Curse of First" in the OFBHL playoffs.

2nd place - Hustlers

1st place - Lube Jobs

The "Simulated" Standings

  Team W L T GF GA     Team W L T GF GA
1 Lube Jobs 9 1 2 63 40   1 Whotown Forever 4 6 1 46 47
2 Hustlers 9 1 2 67 40   2 Wake Me Up Before You Rogo 3 6 3 38 49
3 Bald & the Beautiful 7 2 3 56 42   3 Bamanda's Pandas 3 7 2 40 46
4 Zack Attack 7 3 2 60 36   4 New Office On the Block 3 7 2 46 66
5 Hit the Brecques 6 3 3 48 45   5 Sunday Cruisers 2 6 4 22 31
6 Puck of the Irish 5 3 4 37 34   6 Wannabes 1 5 6 53 64
7 Modern Day Cowboys 6 6 0 43 49   7 Brock Street Boys 3 7 2 47 60
8 In Russ We Trust 4 4 4 43 44   8 Big Bang Theory 1 7 4 41 59

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