March 5, 2023 9:50 - Give'r vs Seacrets

Game Recap:

Hawkins and Verge way to much for struggling Give'r squad

With the first 2 games being extremely close one goal affairs maybe that meant that this gym would lead to all the games being tight? Not so much apparently 🙂

The 3rd game had the struggling Give'r taking on the surging Seacrets and those 2 trends would continue in spades... after the dust cleared on a lopsided first half Seacrets would be threatening mercy with a 6-1 lead thanks in large part to their dynamic duo of Zach Verge 🚨🚨🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏and Ryan Hawkins 🎩🎩🎩🍏, they would get to the "Verge" of ending it early in period 2 before Give'r managed some pushback with 3 straight goals, 2 off the stick of captain Sean Frewen 🚨🚨🍏. But all that would do was extend the inevitable as the Seacrets would turn up the pressure again and end this game early with 3 minutes left to play by an 11-4 score. Verge was the unquestioned star with 9 points including no less than 7 helpers while Mike Zaborski 🎩🎩🎩, Genevieve Auger 🚨🍏🍏🍏 and Christina Osborne 🚨🍏 all found the scoresheet with multiple points as well. Steve Andrews 🚨🍏🍏 picked up 3 points in the loss.


Game Notes

Season Notes:
Mike Zaborski scored his 5th goal of the season.
Mike Zaborski recorded his 5th point of the season.
Zachary Verge recorded his 10th assist of the season.
Zachary Verge recorded his 10th point of the season.
Ryan Hawkins recorded his 5th assist of the season.
Genevieve Auger recorded her 5th assist of the season.
Genevieve Auger recorded her 5th point of the season.
Sean Frewen scored his 10th goal of the season.
Sean Frewen recorded his 10th assist of the season.
Sean Frewen recorded his 20th point of the season.
Steve Andrews recorded his 5th assist of the season.

Career Notes:
Mike Zaborski recorded his 650th career OFBHL point.
Zachary Verge scored his 75th career OFBHL goal.
Melissa Newhook recorded her 350th career OFBHL point.
Sean Frewen recorded his 1225th career OFBHL point.


Team 1 2 Total
Give'r 134

Give'r - S. Frewen (2), S. Andrews, Spare
Seacrets - M. Zaborski (3), R. Hawkins (3), Z. Verge (2), C. Osborne, G. Auger, R. Pitman


Shots on Goal
Team 1 2 Total
Give'r 183452


3 Stars of the Game
  Player Stats
Zachary Verge 2 Goals 7 Assists
Ryan Hawkins 3 Goals 1 Assist GWG
Genevieve Auger 1 Goal 3 Assists


Game Summary
Period Time Team Goal Details Score Note
117:00SeaZ. Verge (3) (unassisted)1-0 Sea 
115:25SeaZ. Verge (4) from A. Clow (4) 2-0 Sea 
111:30SeaM. Zaborski (3) from Z. Verge (7) 3-0 Sea 
19:40SeaR. Hawkins (12) (unassisted)4-0 Sea 
15:30GiveS. Andrews (3) from K. Takahara (6) and S. Frewen (10) 4-1 Sea 
13:45SeaR. Hawkins (13) from Z. Verge (8) and G. Auger (3) 5-1 Sea GWG
11:35SeaC. Osborne (2) from R. Hawkins (5) 6-1 Sea 
219:10SeaM. Zaborski (4) from G. Auger (4) and Z. Verge (9) 7-1 Sea 
215:50GiveSpare from Spare7-2 Sea 
214:10GiveS. Frewen (9) from S. Andrews (5) and M. Newhook (3) 7-3 Sea 
213:10GiveS. Frewen (10) from C. Bertrand (3) and S. Andrews (6) 7-4 Sea 
212:00SeaG. Auger (2) from Z. Verge (10) 8-4 Sea 
27:45SeaM. Zaborski (5) from Z. Verge (11) and C. Osborne (2) 9-4 Sea 
24:30SeaR. Pitman (2) from G. Auger (5) and Z. Verge (12) 10-4 Sea 
23:00SeaR. Hawkins (14) from Z. Verge (13) 11-4 Sea 
Period Time Team Penalty Details
113:58SeaR. Pitman: 2 minutes, hooking
113:58GiveSpare: 2 minutes, high sticking


Give'r Stats
Sean Frewen2130000
Steve Andrews1230000
Cindy Bertrand0110000
Melissa Newhook0110000
Kiyomi Takahara0110000
Jeff Squires0111510.784


Seacrets Stats
Zachary Verge2790000
Ryan Hawkins3140010
Genevieve Auger1340000
Mike Zaborski3030000
Christina Osborne1120000
Robin Pitman1010002
Ashley Clow0110000

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