Sun, September 11

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Potheads & Potter5On the Bubble3View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Les Goosebumps6Murphy's Law6View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Dickens Cider5Wedding Crashers1View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Amateur Hour4Brewins7View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Master Blasters4Tattrie's French Fries1View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Charge it to the Room2The Ocelots2View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Sandbaggers3Autodraft All Stars7View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, September 18

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Brewins2Autodraft All Stars6View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Wedding Crashers0Potheads & Potter7View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Tattrie's French Fries4On the Bubble4View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Sandbaggers1Murphy's Law5View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Amateur Hour5Master Blasters8View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Dickens Cider1Charge it to the Room6View Boxscore & Recap
1:10The Ocelots7Les Goosebumps1View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, September 25

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Wedding Crashers3Tattrie's French Fries3View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Autodraft All Stars4Amateur Hour5View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Potheads & Potter3Les Goosebumps4View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Dickens Cider5On the Bubble3View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Master Blasters5Sandbaggers3View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Charge it to the Room2Brewins4View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Murphy's Law2The Ocelots2View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, October 2

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Brewins3Master Blasters3View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Les Goosebumps3Sandbaggers4View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Charge it to the Room7On the Bubble5View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Murphy's Law2Amateur Hour8View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Dickens Cider7Autodraft All Stars2View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Wedding Crashers0The Ocelots7View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Potheads & Potter1Tattrie's French Fries6View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, October 16

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10The Ocelots8Amateur Hour3View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Dickens Cider2Tattrie's French Fries3View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Les Goosebumps3Autodraft All Stars8View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Charge it to the Room7Wedding Crashers4View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Sandbaggers6On the Bubble0View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Murphy's Law2Master Blasters3View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Brewins5Potheads & Potter4View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, October 23

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Autodraft All Stars1Potheads & Potter6View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Les Goosebumps3Master Blasters1View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Murphy's Law1Wedding Crashers6View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Tattrie's French Fries2Charge it to the Room5View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Brewins2The Ocelots6View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Sandbaggers2Dickens Cider6View Boxscore & Recap
1:10On the Bubble3Amateur Hour6View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, October 30

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Amateur Hour6Les Goosebumps5View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Wedding Crashers4Sandbaggers8View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Autodraft All Stars4Charge it to the Room5View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Brewins4Murphy's Law3View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Tattrie's French Fries2The Ocelots6View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Potheads & Potter4Dickens Cider0View Boxscore & Recap
1:10On the Bubble4Master Blasters3View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, November 6

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Master Blasters8Dickens Cider5View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Autodraft All Stars4Murphy's Law5View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Amateur Hour1Potheads & Potter4View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Tattrie's French Fries3Brewins4View Boxscore & Recap
11:30On the Bubble0Wedding Crashers5View Boxscore & Recap
12:20The Ocelots6Sandbaggers3View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Charge it to the Room3Les Goosebumps3View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, November 13

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Autodraft All Stars7The Ocelots2View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Tattrie's French Fries2Murphy's Law4View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Master Blasters2Potheads & Potter6View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Les Goosebumps3Wedding Crashers1View Boxscore & Recap
11:30On the Bubble2Brewins2View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Amateur Hour3Dickens Cider5View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Sandbaggers5Charge it to the Room2View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, November 20

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Sandbaggers6Brewins9View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Autodraft All Stars2Tattrie's French Fries1View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Master Blasters6Wedding Crashers8View Boxscore & Recap
10:40On the Bubble5Les Goosebumps3View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Murphy's Law4Potheads & Potter8View Boxscore & Recap
12:20The Ocelots4Dickens Cider5View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Charge it to the Room4Amateur Hour7View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, November 27

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10On the Bubble7Murphy's Law3View Boxscore
9:00Les Goosebumps6Tattrie's French Fries8View Boxscore
9:50Wedding Crashers8Autodraft All Stars4View Boxscore
10:40Brewins2Dickens Cider2View Boxscore
11:30The Ocelots5Master Blasters5View Boxscore
12:20Amateur Hour8Sandbaggers4View Boxscore
1:10Potheads & Potter3Charge it to the Room6View Boxscore
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Sun, December 4

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Dickens Cider0Les Goosebumps0 
9:00The Ocelots0On the Bubble0 
9:50Tattrie's French Fries0Amateur Hour0 
10:40Wedding Crashers0Brewins0 
11:30Potheads & Potter0Sandbaggers0 
12:20Murphy's Law0Charge it to the Room0 
1:10Master Blasters0Autodraft All Stars0 

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November 27
On the Bubble7Murphy's Law3
Les Goosebumps6TFF8
Brewins2Dickens Cider2
The Ocelots5Master Blasters5
Amateur Hour8Sandbaggers4

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December 4
8:10Dickens Cider vs Les Goosebumps
9:00The Ocelots vs On the Bubble
9:50TFF vs Amateur Hour
10:40WC vs Brewins
11:30P&P vs Sandbaggers
12:20Murphy's Law vs CittR
1:10Master Blasters vs AAS