Sun, January 14 - Games at Taggart Parkes BGC

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Downer & Dirtier4Oozing Discharge6View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Wizard of Aus8Stick Magnets5View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Girls & Boys Club1Brentman & Robin5View Boxscore & Recap
10:40The Kids Are All Right4Mike Babcocks0View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Snap, Crackle, Pop!1Rad Aortas7View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Jumpin Jacks4Sarcastic Monkeys 2.04View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Crematorium7Kennedy's Krew0View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, January 21 - Games at Taggart Parkes BGC

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Kennedy's Krew1Brentman & Robin4View Boxscore
9:00Sarcastic Monkeys 2.07Crematorium5View Boxscore
9:50Oozing Discharge8Wizard of Aus5View Boxscore
10:40Snap, Crackle, Pop!6Stick Magnets3View Boxscore
11:30The Kids Are All Right5Downer & Dirtier1View Boxscore
12:20Mike Babcocks2Rad Aortas1View Boxscore
1:10Jumpin Jacks4Girls & Boys Club5View Boxscore
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Sun, January 28 - Games at Taggart Parkes BGC

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Oozing Discharge2Jumpin Jacks4View Boxscore
9:00Girls & Boys Club5Crematorium2View Boxscore
9:50Downer & Dirtier6Rad Aortas2View Boxscore
10:40Wizard of Aus6Sarcastic Monkeys 2.07View Boxscore
11:30Mike Babcocks2Snap, Crackle, Pop!4View Boxscore
12:20Stick Magnets2Kennedy's Krew1View Boxscore
1:10Brentman & Robin4The Kids Are All Right1View Boxscore
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Sun, February 4 - Games at Ron Kolbus BGC

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Crematorium9Downer & Dirtier5View Boxscore
9:00Girls & Boys Club5Stick Magnets3View Boxscore
9:50Sarcastic Monkeys 2.03Oozing Discharge3View Boxscore
10:40Mike Babcocks9Wizard of Aus8View Boxscore
11:30Rad Aortas1The Kids Are All Right5View Boxscore
12:20Snap, Crackle, Pop!6Kennedy's Krew0View Boxscore
1:10Brentman & Robin3Jumpin Jacks6View Boxscore
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Sun, February 11 - Games at Ron Kolbus BGC

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Girls & Boys Club6Rad Aortas5View Boxscore
9:00Sarcastic Monkeys 2.06Snap, Crackle, Pop!4View Boxscore
9:50Jumpin Jacks3Downer & Dirtier5View Boxscore
10:40Mike Babcocks3Stick Magnets9View Boxscore
11:30Oozing Discharge1Brentman & Robin4View Boxscore
12:20Wizard of Aus8Kennedy's Krew5View Boxscore
1:10The Kids Are All Right4Crematorium2View Boxscore
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Sun, February 18 - Family Day
No Games


Sun, February 25 - Games at Ron Kolbus BGC

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Rad Aortas4Sarcastic Monkeys 2.03View Boxscore
9:00Oozing Discharge5Snap, Crackle, Pop!3View Boxscore
9:50Kennedy's Krew2Jumpin Jacks3View Boxscore
10:40The Kids Are All Right5Girls & Boys Club5View Boxscore
11:30Brentman & Robin10Mike Babcocks4View Boxscore
12:20Crematorium10Wizard of Aus5View Boxscore
1:10Downer & Dirtier5Stick Magnets5View Boxscore
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Sun, March 3 - Games at Ron Kolbus BGC

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Sarcastic Monkeys 2.04The Kids Are All Right4View Boxscore
9:00Crematorium9Oozing Discharge5View Boxscore
9:50Jumpin Jacks3Wizard of Aus3View Boxscore
10:40Snap, Crackle, Pop!3Brentman & Robin1View Boxscore
11:30Downer & Dirtier5Mike Babcocks1View Boxscore
12:20Kennedy's Krew1Girls & Boys Club1View Boxscore
1:10Stick Magnets4Rad Aortas6View Boxscore
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Sun, March 10 - Games at Ron Kolbus BGC

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Kennedy's Krew1The Kids Are All Right6View Boxscore
9:00Snap, Crackle, Pop!3Crematorium2View Boxscore
9:50Jumpin Jacks5Mike Babcocks2View Boxscore
10:40Wizard of Aus7Rad Aortas6View Boxscore
11:30Stick Magnets1Oozing Discharge3View Boxscore
12:20Downer & Dirtier4Girls & Boys Club2View Boxscore
1:10Brentman & Robin0Sarcastic Monkeys 2.06View Boxscore
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Sun, March 17 - Games at Ron Kolbus BGC

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Girls & Boys Club7Mike Babcocks4View Boxscore
9:00Downer & Dirtier1Sarcastic Monkeys 2.03View Boxscore
9:50Brentman & Robin4Stick Magnets1View Boxscore
10:40The Kids Are All Right10Wizard of Aus6View Boxscore
11:30Jumpin Jacks0Snap, Crackle, Pop!3View Boxscore
12:20Kennedy's Krew4Oozing Discharge5View Boxscore
1:10Rad Aortas3Crematorium3View Boxscore
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Sun, March 24 - Games at Ron Kolbus BGC

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Crematorium8Brentman & Robin4View Boxscore
9:00Sarcastic Monkeys 2.05Girls & Boys Club4View Boxscore
9:50Stick Magnets2Jumpin Jacks2View Boxscore
10:40Wizard of Aus7Downer & Dirtier4View Boxscore
11:30Mike Babcocks0Kennedy's Krew5View Boxscore
12:20The Kids Are All Right2Snap, Crackle, Pop!1View Boxscore
1:10Rad Aortas3Oozing Discharge3View Boxscore
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Sun, March 31 - Easter Sunday
No Games


Sun, April 7 - Games at Ron Kolbus BGC

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Stick Magnets3The Kids Are All Right6View Boxscore
9:00Snap, Crackle, Pop!0Downer & Dirtier6View Boxscore
9:50Wizard of Aus7Girls & Boys Club5View Boxscore
10:40Oozing Discharge7Mike Babcocks4View Boxscore
11:30Sarcastic Monkeys 2.06Kennedy's Krew1View Boxscore
12:20Crematorium5Jumpin Jacks1View Boxscore
1:10Rad Aortas1Brentman & Robin6View Boxscore
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Sun, April 14 - Games at Ron Kolbus BGC

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Rad Aortas2Jumpin Jacks4View Boxscore
9:00Oozing Discharge2The Kids Are All Right6View Boxscore
9:50Stick Magnets4Crematorium5View Boxscore
10:40Girls & Boys Club0Snap, Crackle, Pop!7View Boxscore
11:30Kennedy's Krew1Downer & Dirtier7View Boxscore
12:20Brentman & Robin8Wizard of Aus4View Boxscore
1:10Mike Babcocks4Sarcastic Monkeys 2.05View Boxscore
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Playoff Schedule

Sun, April 21 - Games at Ron Kolbus BGC

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Stick Magnets0Rad Aortas0 
9:00Snap, Crackle, Pop!0Crematorium0 
9:50Mike Babcocks0Wizard of Aus0 
10:40Jumpin Jacks0The Kids Are All Right0 
11:30Oozing Discharge0Brentman & Robin0 
12:20Downer & Dirtier0Sarcastic Monkeys 2.00 
1:10Kennedy's Krew0Girls & Boys Club0 

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Recent Results

April 14
Rad Aortas2Jumpin Jacks4
Stick Magnets4Crematorium5
Kennedy's Krew1D&D7
B&R8Wizard of Aus4
Mike Babcocks4SM25

Upcoming Schedule

April 21
8:10Stick Magnets vs Rad Aortas
9:00SCP vs Crematorium
9:50Mike Babcocks vs Wizard of Aus
10:40Jumpin Jacks vs TKAAR
11:30OD vs B&R
12:20D&D vs SM2
1:10Kennedy's Krew vs G&BC