Sun, January 15

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Poke the Bear5Jurassic Puck2View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Denis' Menaces4It's BJ Time4View Boxscore & Recap
9:50All Blais No Bite3Baton et Balles8View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Give'r 4Runners & Gunners6View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Hubba Bubba8Here To Make Friends2View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Multiple Floorgasms3Heron Road Assassins3View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Seacrets4O Come All Ye Faith-Ful7View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, January 22

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Seacrets5Baton et Balles3View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Give'r 6Hubba Bubba3View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Here To Make Friends4Jurassic Puck3View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Denis' Menaces4Poke the Bear4View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Runners & Gunners0O Come All Ye Faith-Ful7View Boxscore & Recap
12:20It's BJ Time6Multiple Floorgasms1View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Heron Road Assassins4All Blais No Bite3View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, January 29

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10It's BJ Time6All Blais No Bite3View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Poke the Bear3Seacrets6View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Heron Road Assassins6Jurassic Puck3View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Here To Make Friends4Give'r 2View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Baton et Balles4Multiple Floorgasms1View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Denis' Menaces5Runners & Gunners3View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Hubba Bubba10O Come All Ye Faith-Ful7View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, February 5

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Runners & Gunners2Poke the Bear4View Boxscore
9:00It's BJ Time1Here To Make Friends4View Boxscore
9:50Heron Road Assassins6Give'r 3View Boxscore
10:40All Blais No Bite5O Come All Ye Faith-Ful5View Boxscore
11:30Multiple Floorgasms5Denis' Menaces2View Boxscore
12:20Seacrets3Jurassic Puck1View Boxscore
1:10Baton et Balles4Hubba Bubba5View Boxscore
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Sun, February 12

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Multiple Floorgasms4Jurassic Puck5View Boxscore
9:00All Blais No Bite4Seacrets2View Boxscore
9:50Denis' Menaces1Heron Road Assassins6View Boxscore
10:40Baton et Balles5Give'r 4View Boxscore
11:30It's BJ Time8O Come All Ye Faith-Ful7View Boxscore
12:20Poke the Bear1Here To Make Friends7View Boxscore
1:10Runners & Gunners5Hubba Bubba7View Boxscore
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Sun, February 19

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10O Come All Ye Faith-Ful6Baton et Balles6View Boxscore
9:00Jurassic Puck1Denis' Menaces5View Boxscore
9:50Hubba Bubba6It's BJ Time5View Boxscore
10:40Here To Make Friends4Runners & Gunners1View Boxscore
11:30Give'r 3Poke the Bear6View Boxscore
12:20Multiple Floorgasms4All Blais No Bite9View Boxscore
1:10Heron Road Assassins3Seacrets3View Boxscore
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Sun, February 26

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Give'r 5All Blais No Bite5View Boxscore
9:00Here To Make Friends3Heron Road Assassins3View Boxscore
9:50Jurassic Puck6Hubba Bubba7View Boxscore
10:40Poke the Bear7It's BJ Time8View Boxscore
11:30Seacrets3Denis' Menaces2View Boxscore
12:20O Come All Ye Faith-Ful6Multiple Floorgasms7View Boxscore
1:10Runners & Gunners4Baton et Balles2View Boxscore
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Sun, March 5 - Games at Foster Farm

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Runners & Gunners3It's BJ Time4View Boxscore & Recap
9:00All Blais No Bite4Here To Make Friends5View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Give'r 4Seacrets11View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Denis' Menaces6O Come All Ye Faith-Ful7View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Jurassic Puck1Baton et Balles8View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Heron Road Assassins11Hubba Bubba7View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Poke the Bear7Multiple Floorgasms8View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, March 19 - Games at Foster Farm

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10O Come All Ye Faith-Ful8Jurassic Puck5View Boxscore
9:00Baton et Balles6It's BJ Time3View Boxscore
9:50Poke the Bear6Heron Road Assassins7View Boxscore
10:40Multiple Floorgasms2Hubba Bubba9View Boxscore
11:30All Blais No Bite6Runners & Gunners9View Boxscore
12:20Give'r 5Denis' Menaces4View Boxscore
1:10Here To Make Friends2Seacrets6View Boxscore
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Sun, March 26 - Games at Foster Farm

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10O Come All Ye Faith-Ful0Here To Make Friends0 
9:00Jurassic Puck0All Blais No Bite0 
9:50Hubba Bubba0Denis' Menaces0 
10:40Baton et Balles0Poke the Bear0 
11:30Heron Road Assassins0It's BJ Time0 
12:20Seacrets0Runners & Gunners0 
1:10Multiple Floorgasms0Give'r 0 


Sun, April 2 - Games at Foster Farm

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Runners & Gunners0Heron Road Assassins0 
9:00Here To Make Friends0Multiple Floorgasms0 
9:50Baton et Balles0Denis' Menaces0 
10:40Jurassic Puck0Give'r 0 
11:30All Blais No Bite0Hubba Bubba0 
12:20O Come All Ye Faith-Ful0Poke the Bear0 
1:10It's BJ Time0Seacrets0 


Sun, April 16 - Games at Foster Farm

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Here To Make Friends0Baton et Balles0 
9:00It's BJ Time0Give'r 0 
9:50Denis' Menaces0All Blais No Bite0 
10:40O Come All Ye Faith-Ful0Heron Road Assassins0 
11:30Seacrets0Multiple Floorgasms0 
12:20Hubba Bubba0Poke the Bear0 
1:10Jurassic Puck0Runners & Gunners0 

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March 19
OCAYFF8Jurassic Puck5
Baton et Balles6It's BJ Time3
Poke the Bear6HRA7
MF2Hubba Bubba9
Give'r 5Denis' Menaces4

Upcoming Schedule

March 26
9:00Jurassic Puck vs ABNB
9:50Hubba Bubba vs Denis' Menaces
10:40Baton et Balles vs Poke the Bear
11:30HRA vs It's BJ Time
12:20Seacrets vs R&G
1:10MF vs Give'r