Sun, January 19

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Lube Jobs7In Russ We Trust2View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Puck of the Irish2Bald and the Beautiful2View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Sunday Cruisers3Big Bang Theory1View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Zack Attack5Hustlers5View Boxscore & Recap
11:30New Office on the Block4Modern Day Cowboys3View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Bamanda's Pandas7Wannabes4View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Brock Street Boys2Whotown Forever6View Boxscore & Recap
2:00Wake Me Up Before You Rogo0Hit the Brecques5View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, January 26

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Brock Street Boys3Hit the Brecques4View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Lube Jobs3Big Bang Theory3View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Bald and the Beautiful5In Russ We Trust5View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Hustlers3Sunday Cruisers1View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Wannabes4Wake Me Up Before You Rogo7View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Modern Day Cowboys3Bamanda's Pandas0View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Zack Attack5Puck of the Irish1View Boxscore & Recap
2:00New Office on the Block4Whotown Forever8View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, February 2

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Hustlers6Puck of the Irish2View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Hit the Brecques6Wannabes6View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Modern Day Cowboys3Brock Street Boys5View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Bamanda's Pandas5Whotown Forever1View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Wake Me Up Before You Rogo2New Office on the Block6View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Zack Attack8Lube Jobs3View Boxscore & Recap
1:10In Russ We Trust2Sunday Cruisers2View Boxscore & Recap
2:00Bald and the Beautiful6Big Bang Theory2View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, February 9

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Puck of the Irish2Lube Jobs4View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Whotown Forever3Modern Day Cowboys4View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Wake Me Up Before You Rogo8Brock Street Boys3View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Big Bang Theory6In Russ We Trust5View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Wannabes3New Office on the Block5View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Hit the Brecques4Bamanda's Pandas4View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Sunday Cruisers0Zack Attack3View Boxscore & Recap
2:00Hustlers6Bald and the Beautiful3View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, February 16

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Bald and the Beautiful4Wake Me Up Before You Rogo1View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Big Bang Theory3Whotown Forever5View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Zack Attack5Modern Day Cowboys1View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Puck of the Irish7New Office on the Block2View Boxscore & Recap
11:30In Russ We Trust4Wannabes5View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Hustlers7Brock Street Boys4View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Bamanda's Pandas4Lube Jobs6View Boxscore & Recap
2:00Sunday Cruisers1Hit the Brecques4View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, February 23

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Sunday Cruisers3Wannabes3View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Hit the Brecques3Hustlers8View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Zack Attack9New Office on the Block2View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Bald and the Beautiful6Bamanda's Pandas2View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Modern Day Cowboys8Big Bang Theory5View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Lube Jobs6Wake Me Up Before You Rogo2View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Whotown Forever1In Russ We Trust3View Boxscore & Recap
2:00Brock Street Boys3Puck of the Irish3View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, March 1

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Big Bang Theory5Wannabes5View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Lube Jobs7Whotown Forever4View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Bamanda's Pandas1Sunday Cruisers3View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Modern Day Cowboys4Bald and the Beautiful8View Boxscore & Recap
11:30New Office on the Block2Hustlers8View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Wake Me Up Before You Rogo2Puck of the Irish2View Boxscore & Recap
1:10In Russ We Trust3Hit the Brecques3View Boxscore & Recap
2:00Brock Street Boys5Zack Attack3View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, March 8

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Whotown Forever4Zack Attack3View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Puck of the Irish2Bamanda's Pandas1View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Modern Day Cowboys1Lube Jobs7View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Brock Street Boys4In Russ We Trust5View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Wannabes5Hustlers5View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Wake Me Up Before You Rogo1Sunday Cruisers1View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Hit the Brecques2Bald and the Beautiful5View Boxscore & Recap
2:00Big Bang Theory4New Office on the Block4View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, March 22

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Wake Me Up Before You Rogo0Bamanda's Pandas0 
9:00Bald and the Beautiful0Zack Attack0 
9:50Puck of the Irish0Big Bang Theory0 
10:40New Office on the Block0Brock Street Boys0 
11:30Modern Day Cowboys0Hit the Brecques0 
12:20In Russ We Trust0Hustlers0 
1:10Wannabes0Whotown Forever0 
2:00Lube Jobs0Sunday Cruisers0 


Sun, March 29

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Hit the Brecques0Big Bang Theory0 
9:00New Office on the Block0Bald and the Beautiful0 
9:50Bamanda's Pandas0Zack Attack0 
10:40Lube Jobs0Brock Street Boys0 
11:30Hustlers0Wake Me Up Before You Rogo0 
12:20In Russ We Trust0Modern Day Cowboys0 
1:10Whotown Forever0Sunday Cruisers0 
2:00Puck of the Irish0Wannabes0 


Sun, April 5

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10New Office on the Block0In Russ We Trust0 
9:00Wannabes0Lube Jobs0 
9:50Bald and the Beautiful0Brock Street Boys0 
10:40Sunday Cruisers0Modern Day Cowboys0 
11:30Zack Attack0Hit the Brecques0 
12:20Whotown Forever0Puck of the Irish0 
1:10Big Bang Theory0Wake Me Up Before You Rogo0 
2:00Bamanda's Pandas0Hustlers0 


Sun, April 19

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Sunday Cruisers0Bald and the Beautiful0 
9:00Brock Street Boys0Bamanda's Pandas0 
9:50In Russ We Trust0Puck of the Irish0 
10:40Wannabes0Modern Day Cowboys0 
11:30Whotown Forever0Wake Me Up Before You Rogo0 
12:20Big Bang Theory0Zack Attack0 
1:10Hustlers0Lube Jobs0 
2:00Hit the Brecques0New Office on the Block0 

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