March 5, 2023 1:10 - Poke the Bear vs Multiple Floorgasms

Game Recap:

McManus likely still trying to catch his breath after facing 73 shots and taking the W

Onto the last game of the week and which script would it follow... would it be a tightly contested high scoring affair or our 3rd mercy of the day? Early on it looked like the latter as the Floorgasms were flying with sniper Ryan Hawkins 🎩🎩🎩🍏 and captain Shawn Weatherdon🚨🚨 🍏🍏 scoring early, but Poke the Bear would regain their composure and adjust to the new surroundings as they went, they would push back hard and by the time the first half finished the score was 6-4 for MF.

The second half would feature some better defence and some great goaltending from both keepers, a Hawkins snipe with 15 minutes remaining would put MF up 8-5 but PTB refused to quit, the Muscant boys Cory 🚨🚨 and Jason 🚨🚨 would both light the lamp off hard working shifts by Danielle Leroux 🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏 to make this another one goal game, but that was as close as PTB would get as MF pull of the win by an 8-7 score. Bernie Car 🚨🍏🍏 and Mona Le Blanc 🚨🍏 had big games for the winners... while between the pipes, can a goalie be happy giving up 7 goals? Well Devin McManus should be pretty happy, if he has the energy, after facing a whopping 73 shots and turning aside 66 of them to EARN that W. 


Game Notes

Season Notes:
Corey Muscant recorded his 10th point of the season.
Danielle Leroux recorded her 5th assist of the season.
Danielle Leroux recorded her 10th point of the season.
Jason Muscant scored his 5th goal of the season.
Jason Muscant recorded his 10th point of the season.
Shawn Weatherdon recorded his 5th assist of the season.
Shawn Weatherdon recorded his 10th point of the season.
Ryan Hawkins scored his 10th goal of the season.
Ryan Hawkins recorded his 15th point of the season.
Bernie Car recorded his 5th assist of the season.

Career Notes:
Jason Muscant scored his 125th career OFBHL goal.
Mona Le Blanc recorded her 575th career OFBHL point.
Shawn Weatherdon recorded his 325th career OFBHL point.


Team 1 2 Total
Poke the Bear437
Multiple Floorgasms628

Poke the Bear - Spare (2), J. Muscant (2), C. Muscant (2), C. Rollin
Multiple Floorgasms - R. Hawkins (3), S. Weatherdon (2), Spare, M. Le Blanc, B. Car


Shots on Goal
Team 1 2 Total
Poke the Bear383573
Multiple Floorgasms212243


3 Stars of the Game
  Player Stats
Ryan Hawkins 3 Goals 1 Assist GWG
Shawn Weatherdon 2 Goals 2 Assists
Danielle Leroux 5 Assists


Game Summary
Period Time Team Goal Details Score Note
113:58MFR. Hawkins (9) from Spare and Spare1-0 MF 
111:57MFS. Weatherdon (6) (unassisted)2-0 MF 
18:29PtBC. Rollin (3) (unassisted)2-1 MF 
16:20PtBSpare from D. Leroux (5) 2-2 
15:32MFR. Hawkins (10) from Spare and Spare3-2 MF 
14:09MFSpare from R. Hawkins (4) and Spare4-2 MF 
13:33PtBJ. Muscant (4) from Spare and S. Reynolds (9) 4-3 MF 
13:02MFM. Le Blanc (3) from S. Weatherdon (5) and B. Car (4) 5-3 MF 
12:45MFB. Car (3) from S. Weatherdon (6) 6-3 MF 
10:11PtBC. Muscant (6) from D. Leroux (6) 6-4 MF 
218:21MFS. Weatherdon (7) from B. Car (5) and M. Le Blanc (11) 7-4 MF 
216:16PtBSpare from D. Leroux (7) 7-5 MF 
215:00MFR. Hawkins (11) (unassisted)8-5 MF GWG
24:44PtBC. Muscant (7) from D. Leroux (8) and C. Ferguson (4) 8-6 MF 
20:11PtBJ. Muscant (5) from D. Leroux (9) 8-7 MF 
Period Time Team Penalty Details


Poke the Bear Stats
Danielle Leroux0550000
Corey Muscant2020000
Jason Muscant2020000
Chantal Rollin1010000
Chelsea Ferguson0110000
Sara Reynolds0110000
Brent Ferguson018430.814


Multiple Floorgasms Stats
Ryan Hawkins3140010
Shawn Weatherdon2240000
Bernie Car1230000
Mona Le Blanc1120000
Ann Car0000000
Peter Heron0000000
Devin McManus107730.904

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