Sun, January 21

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Valar More-Goalis360% of the time, we win every time4View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Last Hurrah?6Pesky Sens3View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Benchwarmers7Looking for Bubba6View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Blast from the Pass0Nightrains & Rocket Queens7View Boxscore & Recap
11:30Waist Deep in Sheep6Unfinished Business4View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Long Time Running7Red Light District2View Boxscore & Recap
1:10No Mercy4Rocco's Man Whores5View Boxscore & Recap
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Sun, January 28

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Valar More-Goalis7Rocco's Man Whores0View Boxscore
9:00No Mercy5Nightrains & Rocket Queens2View Boxscore
9:50Waist Deep in Sheep5Red Light District3View Boxscore
10:40Blast from the Pass4Pesky Sens4View Boxscore
11:30Looking for Bubba2Unfinished Business9View Boxscore
12:20Last Hurrah?6Long Time Running2View Boxscore
1:1060% of the time, we win every time9Benchwarmers4View Boxscore
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Sun, February 4

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Benchwarmers2Unfinished Business3View Boxscore
9:00Pesky Sens0Long Time Running5View Boxscore
9:50Waist Deep in Sheep10Blast from the Pass4View Boxscore
10:40Nightrains & Rocket Queens5Red Light District2View Boxscore
11:30No Mercy160% of the time, we win every time1View Boxscore
12:20Last Hurrah?3Rocco's Man Whores3View Boxscore
1:10Looking for Bubba2Valar More-Goalis4View Boxscore
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Sun, February 11

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Nightrains & Rocket Queens8Waist Deep in Sheep4View Boxscore
9:00Long Time Running5Benchwarmers5View Boxscore
9:50Red Light District460% of the time, we win every time2View Boxscore
10:40Unfinished Business6Last Hurrah?5View Boxscore
11:30Valar More-Goalis3Blast from the Pass4View Boxscore
12:20Pesky Sens3No Mercy4View Boxscore
1:10Looking for Bubba5Rocco's Man Whores3View Boxscore
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Sun, February 25

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Red Light District5Looking for Bubba3View Boxscore
9:00Long Time Running1Nightrains & Rocket Queens3View Boxscore
9:5060% of the time, we win every time3Blast from the Pass3View Boxscore
10:40Unfinished Business6No Mercy3View Boxscore
11:30Waist Deep in Sheep3Last Hurrah?1View Boxscore
12:20Benchwarmers3Valar More-Goalis2View Boxscore
1:10Rocco's Man Whores3Pesky Sens3View Boxscore
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Sun, March 4

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Waist Deep in Sheep4Looking for Bubba1View Boxscore
9:00Nightrains & Rocket Queens160% of the time, we win every time3View Boxscore
9:50Blast from the Pass7Red Light District5View Boxscore
10:40Valar More-Goalis0Last Hurrah?7View Boxscore
11:30Rocco's Man Whores6Benchwarmers5View Boxscore
12:20Pesky Sens4Unfinished Business6View Boxscore
1:10Long Time Running2No Mercy0View Boxscore
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Sun, March 11

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Red Light District5Rocco's Man Whores3View Boxscore
9:00Long Time Running0Blast from the Pass3View Boxscore
9:50Pesky Sens1Valar More-Goalis7View Boxscore
10:4060% of the time, we win every time0Last Hurrah?3View Boxscore
11:30Benchwarmers2Waist Deep in Sheep2View Boxscore
12:20Unfinished Business5Nightrains & Rocket Queens2View Boxscore
1:10No Mercy2Looking for Bubba2View Boxscore
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Sun, March 18

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Benchwarmers3Last Hurrah?6View Boxscore
9:00Red Light District6Unfinished Business5View Boxscore
9:5060% of the time, we win every time3Long Time Running3View Boxscore
10:40Blast from the Pass3No Mercy5View Boxscore
11:30Rocco's Man Whores3Waist Deep in Sheep1View Boxscore
12:20Looking for Bubba6Pesky Sens4View Boxscore
1:10Nightrains & Rocket Queens1Valar More-Goalis3View Boxscore
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Sun, March 25

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Last Hurrah?5No Mercy4View Boxscore
9:00Valar More-Goalis1Red Light District5View Boxscore
9:50Looking for Bubba5Long Time Running2View Boxscore
10:40Unfinished Business7Blast from the Pass4View Boxscore
11:30Pesky Sens5Benchwarmers4View Boxscore
12:20Rocco's Man Whores1Nightrains & Rocket Queens6View Boxscore
1:10Waist Deep in Sheep260% of the time, we win every time5View Boxscore
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Sun, April 8

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Nightrains & Rocket Queens3Benchwarmers6View Boxscore
9:00No Mercy9Waist Deep in Sheep4View Boxscore
9:50Last Hurrah?3Blast from the Pass4View Boxscore
10:4060% of the time, we win every time4Looking for Bubba4View Boxscore
11:30Long Time Running5Valar More-Goalis4View Boxscore
12:20Rocco's Man Whores1Unfinished Business2View Boxscore
1:10Red Light District10Pesky Sens5View Boxscore
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Sun, April 15

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Pesky Sens2Waist Deep in Sheep7View Boxscore
9:00No Mercy2Valar More-Goalis3View Boxscore
9:50Nightrains & Rocket Queens4Last Hurrah?1View Boxscore
10:40Blast from the Pass5Looking for Bubba5View Boxscore
11:30Rocco's Man Whores3Long Time Running5View Boxscore
12:20Red Light District8Benchwarmers7View Boxscore
1:10Unfinished Business560% of the time, we win every time1View Boxscore
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Sun, April 22

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Unfinished Business5Long Time Running3View Boxscore & Recap
9:00Benchwarmers8No Mercy3View Boxscore & Recap
9:50Last Hurrah?6Red Light District6View Boxscore & Recap
10:40Blast from the Pass4Rocco's Man Whores6View Boxscore & Recap
11:3060% of the time, we win every time4Pesky Sens3View Boxscore & Recap
12:20Valar More-Goalis2Waist Deep in Sheep3View Boxscore & Recap
1:10Looking for Bubba3Nightrains & Rocket Queens8View Boxscore & Recap
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Playoff Schedule

Sun, April 29

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10No Mercy4Benchwarmers7View Boxscore
9:0060% of the time, we win every time2Red Light District6View Boxscore
9:50Blast from the Pass3Unfinished Business4 - OTView Boxscore
10:40Long Time Running1Waist Deep in Sheep5View Boxscore
11:30Pesky Sens2Valar More-Goalis4View Boxscore
12:20Last Hurrah?1Nightrains & Rocket Queens8View Boxscore
1:10Looking for Bubba3Rocco's Man Whores5View Boxscore
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Sun, May 6

TimeAway Team (White)ScoreHome Team (Black)ScoreBoxscore & Recap
8:10Benchwarmers3 - OTRocco's Man Whores2View Boxscore
9:00Red Light District3Waist Deep in Sheep4View Boxscore
9:50Looking for Bubba8Valar More-Goalis3View Boxscore
10:40Nightrains & Rocket Queens7Unfinished Business3View Boxscore
11:30Looking for Bubba5Benchwarmers8View Boxscore
12:20Nightrains & Rocket Queens1Waist Deep in Sheep3View Boxscore
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